Owners Karen and Greg Earp

Karen and Greg Earp are the owners of POP! Bubble Tea and Coffee Bar. They relocated to Kennesaw GA in 2014 from the Charlotte North Carolina area. They have extensive experience in sales, marketing, and IT. They have one daughter who attends North Cobb Christian School.

They are very excited to open up this unique store and be able to offer their customers a wide variety of Bubble Tea flavors, hot tea’s, coffee and delicious pastries.  POP! Bubble Tea and Coffee Bar’s comfortable seating and atmosphere will make everyone feel like they are sitting in their own living room enjoying good conversation over Bubble Tea with family and friends.

As a local small business POP! will participate in local community events, promote local organizations, and give back to the community through a variety of venues.

POP! is a locally owned Bubble Tea and Coffee Bar. We buy, employ and support the local economy. POP! brings a hometown feel and invites everyone to enjoy our cozy atmosphere as if you are sitting in your own living room. Local coffee vendor, Atlanta based business Thrive Farmers, brings the best farm to table coffee available to POP!. 

Your purchase ensures stable and predictable wages for coffee farmers. Through THRIVE Farmers’ innovative revenue-sharing platform, farmers are removed from the volatile commodities market, creating better financial futures for their families and communities.

So Delicious and Fun!

Bubble Tea is so delicious and a fun alternative to typical cold beverages! AND....Bubble Tea doesn't have to be enjoyed just in the warmer months as flavors can be paired with the Season! Vanilla, Pumpkin, Peppermint - oh my! The varieties of flavors are endless and anyone can be super creative with what their taste buds enjoy most! I enjoy Bubble Tea because it's a happy beverage with a fun and delicious beginning, middle and ending!

Fun Atmosphere with Great Bubble Tea!

Fun Atmosphere, great friendly staff and I love the variety of flavors they offer in their bubble teas!

Pleasant Experience!

I didn't really know what "bubble tea" was previously, but I tried them for the first time yesterday. I was really impressed and loved all the flavors



Every Day is a "Bubble Tea Day" - Serve it at your Event

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Having a Birthday Party? Celebrating a special event?  Having an Open House at your new business?  POP! is mobile. Please contact us for details on our mobile Bubble Tea Packages.

Phone: 770-485-0559

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